World Rap Championships

Nov - First Street Battle - Mic Assassin vs Saint @ Trafalgar Square
Dec - UK MC Rap Battle 10 City Tour Mic Assassin, Stig and Scarrs.

Feb - Mic Assassin in New York street battles
Apr - First 2on2 Street Battle - Stig & Respek BA vs Kulez & Arkaic
Jul - World Rap Championships Qualifiers, London and New York.
Oct - Illmaculate & TheSaurus crowned World Rap Championships Finals, MGM Roof, Las Vegas beating UK's Whashisface & Possessed

Jul - World Rap Championships expands to 8 cities London, Melbourne, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit, and Houston.
Dec - Los Angeles' Illmaculate & TheSaurus win World Rap Championships for 2nd time beating New Yorks Wapps & Juce.

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