Twerking Championships

First trialled at The Jump Off in 2004 as 'Booty Shaking' by a UK rap duo for their launch party. After that there was a demand for 'Booty Shaking' to be a regular feature at The Jump Off events by both guys and girls.

When The Jump Off relaunched in 2012 'Booty Shaking' was once again a demanded segment, this time more by females than the guys.

As the 'artform' took off online it also adopted a new name; twerking, 'twist and jerk'. Once celebs started to 'twerk' the whole world went twerk crazy and so the Twerking Championships was born in 2013.

Active Shows

  • Dance Madness
  • Spin The Mic
  • The Jump Off
  • The Next 48 Hours