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So after a three year hiatus The Jump Off event will return to London for a one off show on Thursday 31st August in Scala(Kings Cross), yes there will only be ONE single event this year! If you’re interested in battling register below.   This is open to rappers, producer, singers, dance crews, comedians, models and twerkers.

The Jump Off is set in a gladiator style arena, it brings together competitive elements of Hip Hop to a vibrant, passionate crowd creating a unique and electrifying atmosphere.   It’is the breeding ground for the stars of tomorrow. From Professor Green to Diversity, Labrinth to Mr Hudson, The Jump Off was where many of these stars got their first taste of fame and exposure.  See who’s come through over the years in our alumni list.

Please read and complete the form below if you are interested in taking part. If you don't see the form, please email your details with the segment you are applying for in the subject. Please try to include links to a video of you doing your thing!



Former Champions: KI [Marlon Swoosh, Kenrick Sandy, Mukhtar Omar, Simmz] (2004), Prototype (2012), The Mutants (2013), IMD (2014)
Notable Participants: Diversity [Ashley Banjo, Rob Anker], Turbo, Pulse (Twists friend), Soul Mavericks
• Crews of 3-8 members battle for 10mins; 5x 1min rounds each.
• Music changes after each round (5 Songs in total).
• Crews select 4 tracks in advance (2 per crew) + 1 track selected by The Jump Off on the night.
• Prize Money & format tbc
Judging Criteria: Routines, Originality, Audience Engagement, Creativity, Technique.


Former Champions: Mikey Jay (2003), Harmony (2004), Dwayne Patrick (2013)
Notable Participants: Skepta, Labrinth, Naughty Boy, Mr Hudson
• Producers compose a fresh beat in 5mins assisted by an on-stage engineer.
• Kit includes Mac Book Pro with Logic  & a 2 octave midi keyboard with pitch bend.
• The sounds and instruments are decided by The Jump Off.
• Both producers must use the same sounds and instruments.
• The beat must have an arrangement of an intro, verse and chorus.
• When a sample has been provided producers MUST use it in the composition.
• Where an acapella is provided the producer MUST build a beat around it.
• Prize Money & format tbc
Judging Criteria: Head-Nod Factor, Audience Engagement.


Former Champions: Liam Holmes (2013), Jamie Grey (2014)
• Singers cover a hit rap song.
• Singers MUST be accompanied by a single musical instrument eg. piano, guitar.
• Instrument can be played by the singer OR a single accompanying musician.
• Songs must be under 2minutes.
• Singers must compose original melodies and MUST sing, NOT rap.
• Prize Money & format tbc
Judging Criteria: Song Writing, Melodies, Performance.


Former Champions: Professor Green (2004 & 2005), Tenchoo (2012), Dotz (2013), Seano Mac (2014)
Notable Participants: Lowkey, JME, Mikill Pane, Doc Brown
• This isn't your regular MC battle, MCs must have great stage presence to succeed.
• MCs battle over 2x 45 second rounds.
• Round 1 is acapella. Round 2 is over a hip hop instrumental.
• Prize Money & format tbc
Judging Criteria: Punchlines, Conviction, Flow, Audience Engagement.


• There is NO nudity, girls must wear hot pants or leggings.
• Round 1 is a 30 second solo freestyle.
• Round 2 is facing off against other dancers
• The Final Round is between the best two dancers
• Any money thrown by the crowd will go to the girl who was dancing when it landed on stage.
• There is a £100 cash prize for the crowds favourite.
This is judged by audience reaction.

All Prize money is paid out in installments on terms agreed with the winners.


• For advertising, having a booth in the foyer or sponsoring a segment, email:


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