• Dance Madness is the ultimate hip hop dance spectacle. Set in a gladiator style arena that resembles the Thunderdome, Hip Hop Dance Crews from London(UK), New York, LA and Atlanta battle in regional eliminators for a place in the grand finale.

  • Taking the concept of spin the bottle, and replacing the bottle with a mic, Spin The Mic is the ultimate MC battle format. Established in 2006, Spin The Mic features 16 of the worlds best battle rappers facing off until one man is standing.

  • The Next 48 Hours documents the hourly activities of a celebrity around a major event or milestone in their career, focusing on The Day Before, The Day of and The Day After.

  • The Jump Off is where Fashion, Music and the Arts collide creating a melting pot of urban youth culture. Also known as “The Jump Off” the event features aspiring local talent competing in Fashion Shows, Live Model Shoots, Comedy, Rap, Dance, Singing & Producer Battles for cash prizes and bragging rights.

Off Season

  • Charlie Sloth is a british rap artist who does everything himself. He is his own Manager, Music Producer, Cameraman, Director, Video Editor, Creative, Street Team, Web Designer and most importantly, Rap Artist. Being Charlie Sloth follows Charlie’s weekly struggles as a modern day artist coming up in the rap game.

Coming Soon

  • The World Rap Championships is a global 2on2 Rap Battle League featuring 1000 rappers across 20 divisions participating in more than 700 battles over a 5 month season for a chance to win a place in the $50,000 Play-Off Finals in Las Vegas.


Active Shows

  • Spin The Mic
  • Dance Madness
  • The Jump Off
  • The Next 48 Hours