Vlad Yudin, Director of New Twista Documentary

Mr Immortality: Life & Times of Twista

Vlad Yudin, Director of New Twista Documentary

Today see's the straight to DVD release of the new Twista documentary "Mr Immortality: The Life & Times of Twista".  We caught up with the director Vlad Yudin.

How did this movie come about?

After we released the Big Pun documentary (Big Pun: The Legacy),
we were working with EMI and got connected with Twista’s team.
He was working on his album at the time, and together we came up
with an idea of creating a film about his career and also the city of
Chicago and the current violence that’s been happening there.

How long did it take to shoot and what obstacles did you come across?

We filmed most of the film during the summer. Main filming took
place in Chicago and also in Minnesota, Los Angeles and New
York. We had to film a lot of the film on the “go” and gather a lot
of information to actually make it into a full-length film. One of our
main goals was to incorporate the topic of the violence in Chicago
and show what’s really going on there. I wanted to make sure that
we show different places in Chicago (like the West Side) and talk
about the issues, and at the same time follow the central story line of
Twista’s music and road to success.

Whats your background, how did you get into the movie business?

I have been working in documentary and feature films for since
college. As a company we have been developing a variety of
programming in different genres. As long as I am interested in the
project I will approach it and try to find a creative way to execute it.

What are your immediate future plans, current projects etc?

Well, the Mr. Immortality is coming out now, followed by the digital
and TV release. We are also working on many other projects,
including documentaries, features and TV programs. My most
immediate project is a sci/fi thriller called “Head Smash.”

Vlad Yudin, Director of New Twista Documentary
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  • date: Tuesday 11 January 2011
  • tags: Twista
  • author: @TheSheriff


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