The Next 48 Hours

The Next 48 Hours With Master P (Part 1)

Master P Is Back With No Limit Forever

This is Part 1 of  "The Next 48 Hours With Master P", a 2 part web series which goes behind the scenes during the relaunch of No Limit Forever.   Part 1 features Master P giving out Turkeys in Baton Rouge, Romeo giving a tour of the No Limit Forever headquarters in LA known as "The Bat Cave" and introducing his new label roster Bengi B, T-Bo, Gangsta, Oaktree, G5-J, Miss Chee, Playa, Eastwood

The Next 48 Hours is an original AllHipHop, JumpOff.TV & Tantrum Production.

The Next 48 Hours With Master P (Part 1)
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  • date: Friday 16 December 2011
  • tags: Master P
  • author: @TheSheriff

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