Dance Madness

The Mutants - The Beginning

A Short Dance Film

The 2013 The Jump Off Crew Dance AND Dance Madness Champions The Mutants (aka Kayzar) have released a short dance film titled The Beginning. Fusing their dance styles with a short film storyline of a mad scientist experimenting on subjects until they eventually over throw him and take over the world (mwuaah hahahahaha). Slick editing by Marqus AKC'ent. This may actually be how The Mutants dance crew was formulated.

This is part of the Dance Madness 2013 prize where The Mutants won 6 month content development with us. 

Looking forward to see more from Kayzar. 

The Mutants - The Beginning
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  • date: Monday 3 February 2014
  • author: @AraTheCoach

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