Spin The Mic

Spin The Mic 2017 Full Movie

2hour Special

Full 2017 Spin The Mic movie including all 16 battles, nominations and rapper interviews.  Spin The Mic 2017 was filmed as a live event on Monday 4th December at Scala, Kings Cross, London (UK). Hosted by Rap6 & DJ L Ro. 

Established in 2006 in the UK and US, Spin The Mic is a unique hip hop rap battle format where opponents are selected at random via the spinning of a microphone.  Set in an underground gladiator style arena, 15 MCs will get bodied and only 1will be left standing and walk away with £1000 cash prize.

The first season of Spin The Mic featured the likes of iLLmaculate, The Saurus, NoCando and MC Riz aka the actor Riz Ahmed.

Caustic (KOTD, Dont Flop, Grind Time, URL, King of the Dot, BOTZ)

Unanymous (Dont Flop, KOTD, King of The Dot)

Dina Brass (Queen of the Ring, QOTR)

Pedro (Dont Flop, UKBL, Clash Money, Jump Off)

Zen (Dont Flop, Jump Off)

Dotz (Dont Flop, Jump Off)

Evil (Dont Flop, Jump Off)

Frak (KOTD, King of The Dotz, Tourettes Without Regrets, BOTZ)

Holly Flo Lightly

I-Kid (Dont Flop, Gift of the Gab, Jump Off)

Ren DMC (Dont Flop, Jump Off)

Makar (Dont Flop, Jump Off)

Ty Healy (Clash Money)

Azzie G (Gift of the Gab)



Bagnall (Unilad & formerly of Dont Flop)
Tony D

- Each battle is 2 x45second acapella rounds.
- Winner is determined by 4 votes: 1x crowd & 3x judges
- Whoever gets nominated spins the mic and battles who the mic selects.
- nominated MC goes first
- if mic lands on you, you can pick who you battle
- if you lose you're out

Executive Producers - Harold Anthony & Ara Bozadjian
Director/Editor - Marqus Akcent
Producer - Harold Anthony

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Spin The Mic 2017 Full Movie
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  • date: Wednesday 27 December 2017
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