Smokeys Barbers #4 Starring Jazzie, Humza, Vujanic & More

The Barber Shop Becomes A Murder Scene

Smokeys Barbers is a hood mockuentary starring some of the Urban communities most popular comedians and actors including, Jazzie, who is also the co-producer of the show, Bricka Bricka (The Vujanic), A-Dot & Humza (Diary of a Badman). Episode 4 titled "Dead Man Walking", features A-Squeezy (Arnold George), and unfortunately for him gets a trim by the wrong barber, who accidentally causes his death (we're lead to believe) whilst cutting his hair. Humza then thinks the best thing to do in order to avoid prison is to call on the help from an east end gangster named Tony, yeah, great idea, haha!

Smokeys Barbers #4 Starring Jazzie, Humza, Vujanic & More
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  • date: Monday 21 May 2012
  • tags: Humza Arshad Jazzie
  • author: @TeefOnline


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