Roll Deep “After Hours” With Logan Sama (Kiss)

Ft Scratchy, Manga, J2K, flowdan, Breeze & Brazen

Roll Deep “After Hours” With Logan Sama (Kiss)

On the day their fresh new mixtape "No Comment Star" was released, Roll Deep, went to Kiss radio to link up with the Grime scenes go-to DJ, Logan Sama, for an "After Hours" session featuring Scratchy, Manga, J2K, flowdan, Breeze, Brazen & Opium.

The Twittersphere must of been loving this one, last night the hash tag #KissGrime was trending 2nd worldwide. Sounds like Roll Deep are back to prove they are true Grime spitters.

Roll Deep “After Hours” With Logan Sama (Kiss)
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  • date: Tuesday 24 July 2012
  • tags: Roll Deep Manga Scratchy J2K Flowdan Breeze Brazen
  • author: @TeefOnline


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