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Time Out Magazine | Aug ‘12 | Print

Event Listings Magazine Cover The Jump Off Finals

Time Out Magazine | Aug ‘12 | Print

It's all getting very exciting in anticipation for The Jump Off finals (13th August 2012), where King Kevz will face Loko (Black Ice) in the producer bout for a shot a taking home £5000, Dotz will face Tenchoo in the MC battle segment for a chance to also win £5000, and the battle that seems to be capturing the headlines where the winners will take home £10000 is between dance crews, Prototype and Soul Mavericks. 

Prototype and Soul Mavericks have been talking so much smack to each other on social networking sites to the point Time Out had to get in on the action and feature The Jump Off finals as a segment in their weekly magazine, so much so that Prototype and Soul Mavericks continued their trash talk in print, haha!

The Jump Off Finals has to be the Hip-Hop event of the year.

Click here for full details of The Jump Off 2012 season final.

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Time Out Magazine | Aug ‘12 | Print
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  • date: Wednesday 8 August 2012
  • author: @TeefOnline

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