The Next 48 Hours

Prodigy Taught Havoc How To Produce

Havoc Taught Prodigy To Rap

This is Teaser #2 from "The Next 48 Hours With Mobb Deep", a 2 part web series which goes behind the scenes during the release week of "Black Cocaine" EP. Follow Havoc & Prodigy on their promo run of "Black Cocaine", Mobb Deep's first commercial release in 5 years. In this clip, Prodigy visits Hot97's Juan Epstein Podcast with Peter Rosenberg , Cipha Sounds & K Foxx., where he explains that he taught Havoc how to make beats and Havoc taught him how to rap.

The Next 48 Hours is an original AllHipHop, JumpOff.TV & Tantrum Production.

Prodigy Taught Havoc How To Produce
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  • date: Monday 5 December 2011
  • tags: Mobb Deep
  • author: @TheSheriff

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