Police Raid Justin Bieber’s House; Arrest Lil Za

An Egging Leads To A Cocaine Charge

Police raided Justin Bieber's house this morning, after obtaining a felony search warrant in connection to the egging of Bieber's neighbor's house over the weekend that caused $20k in damage. Though cops did not obtain any further proof that Justin and his team are responsible for the egging, his controversial best friend, upcoming rapper Lil Za, was arrested on felony possession after cops found cocaine on him. Justin is not going to be charged with the cocaine, but cops have dismantled and seized his security system, which they will further review in an attempt to find footage of the egging.

Police Raid Justin Bieber’s House; Arrest Lil Za
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  • date: Tuesday 14 January 2014
  • source: TMZ
  • tags: Justin Bieber
  • author: @marisamendez


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