The Next 48 Hours

Next 48 Hours With Mystikal Teaser 1

Behind The Scenes: MGK's "Wild Boy's Remix" @ SXSW

The Next 48 Hours team follows another legend, Mystikal. Newly signed to Cash Money, we follow Mystikal through the biggest music festival in America, SXSW in Austin, TX. In this teaser we catch Mystikal doing his verse of "Wild Boys Remix" along with Machine Gun Kelly, this teaser features Meek Mill and cameos from Wale and Travis Porter.

Next 48 Hours is an, JumpOff.TV and Tantrum production.

Next 48 Hours With Mystikal Teaser 1
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  • date: Thursday 22 March 2012
  • tags: Mystikal Machine Gun Kelly Meek Mill Wale
  • author: @TheSheriff

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