The Next 48 Hours

Next 48 Hours With B.o.B (Part 2)

Follow B.o.B During "Strange Clouds" Release Day

The Next 48 Hours With B.o.B is an original 2 part web series that goes behind the scenes during the album release week of "Strange Clouds."

Part 2 follows B.o.B during the day of his album release. B.o.B visits FUSE TV, MTV News, RapFix and ends the day at his Target sponsored Album Release Show. Cameos from Sway, Mystikal Playboy Tre, Melanie Fiona

B.o.B "Strange Clouds" Album Link

The Next 48 Hours is an original production by, JumpOff TV and Tantrum Productions.

Next 48 Hours With B.o.B (Part 2)
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  • date: Thursday 24 May 2012
  • tags: B.O.B.
  • author: @TheSheriff

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