New Hood Mockumentary “Smokey Barbers” W/ Jazzie

Starring T-Boy, Bricka Bricka, A-Dot & Much More

Trailer for a new online hood mockumentary "Smokey Barbers" that's set to be a huge hit, starring some of the Urban communities most popular comedians and actors like, Jazzie, who is also the co-producer of the show, Bricka Bricka, A-Dot, Humza (Diary of a Badman), T-Boy (Don't Jealous Me) & plenty more.

New Hood Mockumentary “Smokey Barbers” W/ Jazzie
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  • date: Wednesday 21 March 2012
  • tags: Jazzie Humza Arshad Dont Jealous Me A-Dot (Comedian)
  • author: @TeefOnline


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