The Jump Off

MC Pukes in Rap Battle TWICE and Still Wins

Literally a Sick MC

During a recent Jump Off event in Scala, Kings Cross (London) a weird thing happened in the MC Rap Battle. Evil making his Jump Off arena debut was battling Craft-D, and it appears that the adrenalin rush from battling mixed with an empty stomach and alcohol could cause an MC to puke (twice)! YES! MC Evil vomited! He was physically sick... he spewed... !

Thanks to the medic and the guy in the crowd for their help.

Hosted by MC Fontz & Manny Norte, other MCs on the night in order of appearance were Makar, Seano Mac and I-Kid.

MC Pukes in Rap Battle TWICE and Still Wins
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  • date: Tuesday 7 November 2017
  • author: @TheSheriff

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