Lil TerRio - Oooh Killem

Cute Fat Kid From Vine Fame Has New Pals

Take 1 chubby/fat kid over prescribed with swag and confidence to dance, add Vine and you have the global sensation that is Lil TerRio. .. "Oooooooh Killllem!"

You just have to love this kid but is this child exploitation? He's now dropped a music video 'featuring' 3 rappers but I'm pretty sure TerRio didn't produce the beat or executive produce the joint... I was hoping to at least see TerRio rap or do more than mearly walk, head bop and miss-mime the words. Hope his parents.manager are making sure TerRio is profiting off of all this, kids more likable than a lotta rappers.

Lil TerRio - Oooh Killem
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  • date: Friday 23 May 2014
  • author: @AraTheCoach


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