Lethal Bizzle On How So Solid Inspired His Music Career

Mentions "Pow" Was Birthed At His Lowest Point

I love these "Nothing To Something" interviews Grime Daily have managed to earth, because it allows the artist/celebrity to get deep and detailed about their life and career for a decent amount of time, as opposed to being asked silly and uninteresting questions by an incapable presenter.

In the first episode of the new "Nothing To Something" series with Grime Daily, Lethal Bizzle explains how he rose to prominence, which I found very interesting because Lethal doesn't seem to hold back, he talks about the struggle he faced when his dad didn't approve of his career choice in music, how "Oi" became an accidental hit through pirate radio, how So Solid was an inspiration in becoming successful in music and how he was at the lowest point in his career when "Pow" came about. 

Grime Daily, give us more.

Lethal Bizzle On How So Solid Inspired His Music Career
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  • date: Monday 6 August 2012
  • tags: Lethal Bizzle
  • author: @TeefOnline


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