Lady Lykez Takes Shots At Half The UK MCs

Krept & Konan,Sneakbo, Ghetts All Get It

Lady Lykez cuts to the chase and tell us that very matter of factly 'Nobody Can' in fact, clash her.

With no time to waste, this song will definitely make some of the men in the industry sit up straight, which im sure is the aim.

Taking shots at some of the best and well respected in this industry, Lady Lykez let it be known just because she's a female don't think she hasnt got that fire.

She took shots at Sneakbo's top lip, Big Narstie's size, Ghetts, Chip, Krept & Konan and more! No remorse

Not very lady lyke at at all really lol

Lady Lykez Takes Shots At Half The UK MCs
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  • date: Thursday 22 January 2015
  • author: @jumpofftv


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