Kendrink Lamarr Bigs Up The Windows Phone

A Must Have Gadget For Every Creative Artist

Windows Phone presents the "Me" series, a collection of short film essays exploring a day in the life of creative Windows Phone users. Step into the studio with Kendrick Lamarr and electronic producer Nosaj Thing to watch the creation of their original song "Cloud 10". Kendrick uses his Windows Phone to go onto Zune Marketplace and listen to music, including his own critically-acclaimed album "Section.80". Always writing lyrics on tour, The Pocket Voice Recorder app on Windows Phone allows Kendrick to record rhymes and melody ideas whenever he wants.

Kendrink Lamarr Bigs Up The  Windows Phone
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  • date: Friday 14 October 2011
  • tags: Kendrick Lamar
  • author: @jumpofftv


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