Jim Jones in Near Death Car Crash!

Miraculously escapes head on collision

Jim Jones in Near Death Car Crash!

Miss Info reports: "I woke up today to a very scary email and photo from the homie Jim Jones….his passenger van was totaled in this car accident this morning. Thankfully thankfully, he also included this message, “Just walked away from this [crash]. God bless us." Just looking at this gives me anxiety remembering recent accidents that were much more tragic. So I’m thankful Jim is okay, and these kinds of messages always remind me to tell people I care about them. Also….please drive safely. No drinking. No sleepiness. No texting (that’s my new year’s resolution). And always seatbelts."

Sorry for the den-mother post...
Jim Jones in Near Death Car Crash!
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  • date: Tuesday 18 January 2011
  • tags: Jim Jones
  • author: @CoutureAngel


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