Jersey Shore’s J-Wow’s Nude Pic Leaks

It was only a matter of time till this happened.

J-Woww Topless pictures finally leaked online:

J-Woww claimed to be ‘anesthetized’ when the pre-plastic surgery photos were taken by her ex-boyfriend/manager. For his part, the ex-boyfriend claims that J-Woww gave full consent for the photos and that (and judging by the photo above) it’s silly to suggest she was knocked out from surgical drugs when she’s actually standing up in the photos looking rather alert. In any case, looks like J-Woww’s ex is now letting the free world be the judge in this case.
See it over at Blogxilla
Jersey Shore’s J-Wow’s Nude Pic Leaks
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  • date: Tuesday 11 January 2011


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