It’s A G.O.O.D. Old Fashioned Dance-Off!

Who's Best Out Of 2 Chainz & Big Sean?!

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Looks like a dance-off is brewing right before our eyes! Ha! In high spirits at the VMA's, 2 Chainz showed off his "moves" and proclaimed himself untouchable by the likes of skilled dancers Chris Brown and Usher. When his labelmate Big Sean caught wind, it was on. "I got the best moves," Sean told MTV in response. "I got the best. I be swervin'. Swerve, c'mon, that was me!"

It’s A G.O.O.D. Old Fashioned Dance-Off!
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  • date: Wednesday 12 September 2012
  • tags: 2 Chainz Big Sean
  • author: @marisamendez


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