The Jump Off 2014 FINALS - Mon 10 Nov
The Jump Off

MTV Base | Feb ‘10 | TV

Best Of The Best UK MC's

MTV brought together a panel of music industry professionals at the forefront of the UK urban music scene to discuss and debate the best UK MCs of 2010.

Everything is under consideration: chart and underground success, popularity, impact and influence on the scene, critical acclaim, MCing ability and much more...

This is an Edited version of the 44min show aired by MTV:

Ara (The Jump Off)
Charlie Sloth (BBC 1Xtra/Radio 1)

This is the first time a show of this kind has been put together in the UK, and it may well go down as one of the most controversial, influential and talked about MTV shows to date!

MTV Base | Feb ‘10 | TV
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  • date: Sunday 21 February 2010
  • tags: Charlie Sloth
  • author: @TeefOnline


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