Hip Hop Celebrities That Like Gambling

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Hip Hop Celebrities That Like Gambling

When we think about the lives of celebrities, we are often in awe of the glamorous life many of them lead. Surprisingly, many of them do enjoy some of the same activities that most people do. Among these is casino gaming. While this has increased in popularity thanks to the accessibility of online casinos, more and more people today gamble in casinos. This is true for celebrities that also are spotted visiting casinos. Many of these celebrities are well known in the world of music such as in the area of Hip Hop. If you like to play casino games, but don’t want to actually leave for casino destinations, you can very easily do so, just head over to www.luckynuggetcasino.com/au/online-blackjack
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Jay-Z is one well known Hip Hop star that enjoys gambling. The husband of Beyonce will play in local casinos when on tour. However, he acknowledges his favorite place to gamble is the City of London. Here he can enjoy the smaller, private gaming clubs. Jay-Z enjoys the intimate setting where he can be himself without fans and the paparazzi following him. Of the casino games, Jay-Z prefers poker. Unlike other celebrities who may focus on particular poker variation, Jay-Z enjoys playing a variety of them. He is also known to play blackjack at times but maintains a preference for poker. By frequenting these London venues, Jay-Z can get some much needed rest.

Jay-Z often plays are various British festivals and venues. For instance, he has played at the Glastonbury Festival as well as London’s 02 Wireless Festival. Given his passion for gambling, it is not surprising that he would partake in London casinos. When asked about his favorite gaming club, Jay-Z declined to name any. He instead started he prefer to play in private. He did mention liking the West End’s private clubs. While this does narrow down the options, these gaming clubs also cater to Jay-Z and provide him with support in maintaining his anonymity.

Hip Hop Celebrities That Like Gambling
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  • date: Wednesday 6 November 2013
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