Foxy Brown Being Sued by Manager & Ex-Producer

Manager & Ex-Producer joined forces against Foxy.

More over at MTV.


Times have changed and Brennan recently announced that she's preparing to sue the New York rapper for $100,000, to recoup her financial investment into the artist after bankrolling her recording time as well as bailing her out of jail last year. Digg$, like Brennan, claimed he also invested money in Christmas Massacre, what was to be Brown's first CD since 2008 — whether this album is the new title for the oft-delayed Black Roses is unclear. But neither Brennan nor Digg$ knew the other was funding Foxy.

"She was playing us both," Digg$ said. "Very deceptive, and it hurts the credibility of our companies."

When the pair realized they weren't alone, they decided to join forces to release Christmas Massacre, beginning with the single "U Ain't Ruff Enough." However, Foxy announced that the pair weren't legally capable of making that decision and decided to dole out two of her own lawsuits.

Foxy Brown Being Sued by Manager & Ex-Producer
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  • date: Thursday 6 January 2011
  • tags: Foxy Brown


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