Former Battle Rapper Riz MC in HBO’s The Night Of

Better Known in Hollywood as Riz Ahmed

If you've been following Jump Off from way back then you may remember Riz MC participating in 2006's Spin The Mic in the UK, well fast forward 10 years and not only is he the lead in the new HBO hit series "The Night Of" (UK viewers can watch on Thursday Nights on Sky Atlantic), he's also in the new Star Wars movie "Rogue One" which drops in December.  You can see the trailer for "The Night Of" here

His Stephen Colbert interview here

He even battled Jonathan Ross with some decent bars, specially the last one!! ouch!

Here's another of his Spin The Mic battles...

Glad to see he's still rapping, below is one of his solo joints, and he's in a duo called Sweat Shop Boys, check em out here

Be sure to read his essay in The Guardian about racisim and follow him on Twitter

Former Battle Rapper Riz MC in HBO’s The Night Of
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  • date: Tuesday 20 September 2016
  • tags: Riz Ahmed
  • author: @TheSheriff


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