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Ecko Dance Madness UK 2008 Promo

Official Trailer

"Promo for the 2008 UK Dance Madness Finals.

The crews in the Finals now are:
SD Crew (Sheffield, England)
Funky Crew (France)
Wanted Posse (France)
No1Blud (Glasgow, Scotland)
Rapture Crew (Ireland)
Resurrection (Dublin, Ireland)

Peridot dropped out of the finals due to other commitments.

After 4 months, it's all come down to this. The best of the best will battle it out in hopes of winning the title of Ecko Dance Madness 2008 Champions and a trip to New York to perform at Carnival."

Ecko Dance Madness UK 2008 Promo
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  • date: Tuesday 11 March 2008
  • author: @BigTonneUK

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