Dont Jealous Me Presents “A Cup Of T” Episode 3

Leo Has To Defeat The 7 Yout's

Dont Jealous Me presents the third episode of his new comedy series "A Cup Of T", where Tolu gets his "Sacha Baron Cohen" on, and plays a few different characters with different narratives interwoven into an episode.
Directed by Quason Matthews.

In episode 3, Leo has to defeat 7 yout's who have been instructed by their master to defeat him, Juju Man heads to London city to try and solve more of people's problems & Rupert has a bone to pick with a certain someone.

Dont Jealous Me Presents “A Cup Of T” Episode 3
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  • date: Sunday 12 August 2012
  • tags: Dont Jealous Me
  • author: @TeefOnline
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