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[Debate] The Sun Newspaper Expose Tulisa’s Cocaine Deal

Will This Incident Tarnish Tulisa's Career & Rep

N-Dubz singer and former X-Factor judge, Tulisa Contostavlos, has allegedly been caught out in a drug sting involving £800 worth of class A drugs, involving London rapper Mike GLC.

The debaters were hard to locate today, so we embraced technology and used Google Hangout.
We're still getting used to Hangout, which is why the main screen doesn't change.
We should have it fixed for next time.

The Jump Off UK Debaters Discussed:

- Will this incident tarnish Tulisa's career and reputation?
- Who is the real villain in this scenario?
- Could this have happened to anyone who knows a drug dealer?


[Debate] The Sun Newspaper Expose Tulisa’s Cocaine Deal
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  • date: Monday 3 June 2013
  • tags: Teef Lala
  • author: @TeefOnline


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