Chris Brown Explains His Temper Tantrum on 106 & Park

Is Anyone Else Hearing the Broken Record Playing?

Yeah. So, um. I feel weird trying to defend or protest against Chris Brown. Yes, he's young and allowed to make mistakes but at the same time, who dyes their hair blonde, smashes glass and storms out of a morning show half naked at 7:00am without thinking people will judge him? Boy is you crazy?! Yes, you're right: we have been snickering at Charlie Sheen but bashing you. However, you should really learn how to do interviews and prepare yourself to be criticized for the rest of your life. That's what growing up is all about. Some of your mistakes will follow you and people LOVE to use it against you. Nobody owes you anything, but as an entertainer you owe us a good show which you did not provide because you were unprofessional and left GMA halfway through. I know it was an issue of pride, and you probably thought you were "putting your foot down" but this is Hollywood baby. Charlie Sheen gets $2million/show even AFTER wielding a machete on a rooftop while drinking tiger blood with his "goddesses". You, my dear, are not in the same shoes. Is it fair? No. Is it life? Yes. So deal.

Chris Brown Explains His Temper Tantrum on 106 & Park
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  • date: Thursday 24 March 2011
  • tags: Chris Brown
  • author: @CoutureAngel


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