‘B*tch Dont Touch My Fooood’ - Big Sean IDFWU PARODY

Is This A Situation You Dont F*ck With Either?

You know when you have that comforting piece of chicken waiting in the fridge for you, that peace of mind is a state that I don't want disturbed. 

Bugatti Beez also clearly shares that same mindset.

Being unfamiliar with any of Bugatti Beez' previous stuff on YouTube, one thing to notice about this IDFWU parody remake is that its definitely creative, not everyone can rap about chicken and make it sound sonically pleasing. Im not one to find these things too funny but his lyrical content was pretty damn good, he can rap! And lets face it, who hasnt been in this situation? This vid is relatable, I dont want anyone touching my food; mother, sister, could be my child for that matter. Thats a no go area. 

‘B*tch Dont Touch My Fooood’ - Big Sean IDFWU PARODY
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  • date: Wednesday 14 January 2015
  • tags: Big Sean
  • author: @jumpofftv


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