Twerking Championships

2014 UK Twerking Championships: Freestyle Round

45 Second Freestyle to the song of their choice

2014 UK Twerking Championships Freestyle Round.  Twerkers have 45 seconds to freestyle to the song of their choice.  The 2014 UK Twerking Championships took place 14th August at Scala in London.  12 of the UK's top twerkers battle for twerking supremacy, £1000 and a chance to perform with Nicki Minaj during her UK tour.

UK Twerking Championships info:

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Hosted by @itsFontz and @ChuckieOnline

Nana from @HeadNodAgency
Brooklyn Sanchez from @ToneNTwerk
Cora from @SecretsClubsLdn

Photo Shoot by @WorkRateStudio

Edit by @IKnowNathaniel

Watch Nicki Minaj Anaconda music video:

2014 UK Twerking Championships: Freestyle Round
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  • date: Monday 1 September 2014

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