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2012 In Review - Music Video Of The Year

Speaking On Angel, Devlin, Delilah, K-Koke & More

UK taste makers argue over who had the Best Music Video in 2012?

Labrinth "Last Time"
K Koke "Turn Back"
Angel "Wonderful"
Stooshe "Waterfalls"
Dot Rotten "TBRA"
Rewd Adams & Last Skeptik "Everything's Ok"
Plan B "ill Manors"
Devlin "Watchtower"
Wiley "Boom Blast"
Professor Green "Remedy"
Piff Gang "Candy Cups"
Scrufizzer "Rap Rave"
Manga "Time"
Delilah "Inside My Love"
Bashy "Male Pride (Part 2)"
Pepstar "Russian Roulette" (Part 4)
Black The Ripper "This is For"
Metta Beats ft Dubbledge "EyeSeeYou"
Mystro "That There"


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2012 In Review - Music Video Of The Year
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  • date: Friday 28 December 2012
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