The Friday Hip Hop Report

2011’s Most Entertaining Beefs

Ray J v Fab or Chris Browns Cousins v Frank Ocean

2011 Most Entertaining Beef Nominations:
- Fabolous vs Ray J "The Punch"
- Game vs Jay-Z
- Michael Rappaport vs Q-Tip
- Tyler Perry vs Spike Lee
- Ludacris vs Big Sean/Drake
- Canibus Taking Shots At J.Cole aka The Facebook Apology Video
- Chris Brown & His Cousins vs Frank Ocean
- Waka Flocka vs Wiz Khalifa
- Steve Stoute vs The Grammys
- Ciara vs Rihanna (Twitter)
- Chris Brown vs Raz B
- Amber Rose vs Vibe Mag

The resident panelists @ValerieLora @LowKeyUHTN @JasFly
@MrMecca and @InfNYC.

Special Guests:

Special Thanks:
Premier Studios
@Synematik (WOW Music Group)

Watch More Debates From This Year:

2011’s Most Entertaining Beefs
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  • date: Wednesday 28 December 2011
  • tags: Drake Big Sean Ludacris Chris Brown Frank Ocean
  • author: @TheSheriff

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