15 Different Types Of Twerkers

You All Know At Least One

Over the last few years the Twerking phenomenon has escalated worldwide, here are 15 different types of twerkers you may find.

01. The Wannabe Stripper Twerker
02. The Snapchat Twerker
03. The Webcam Twerker
04. The Doesn't Have To Twerk Twerker
05. The No Ass Twerker
06. The Groupie Twerker
07. The Russian Twerker
08. The Club Toilet Twerkers
09. The Selfie Stick Twerker
10. The Needs Something To Lean On Twerker
11. The Shaaarlettem Twerker
12. The Bashment Twerker
13. The Office Twerker
14. The Do-It-For-The-Vine Twerker
15. The Can't Twerk So Stretches Twerker

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15 Different Types Of Twerkers
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  • date: Wednesday 3 June 2015
  • author: @AraTheCoach


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